Darkness is my constant companion
Everything before me veiled
Stumbling I cannot find my path
The way is shrouded
Uncertainty fills my future
Which path to choose?
Dreams seem just beyond my reach
What is the point of even trying
When darkness is all that awaits me?

Article © Carrie A. Golden. All rights reserved.
Published on 2010-05-17 Piker Press

A poem that I wrote a few years ago which described my ongoing struggle with various things in life.  Blindness. Partial deafness.  Death.  Unrealized dreams.   Belief system (faith), or lack of.  Selfishness.  Regrets.

I’m still struggling with these.  As I get older, these burdens (for the lack of a better word) grow heavier.  What can I do to shake them?

Will I be able to?

Or, do I really want to be rid of them?

I guess I’m sort of like Captain Kirk in Star Trek when he cried, “I need my pain!” However, I’m starting to think that “pain” is starting to become a stumbling block for me as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend.  How much of the “pain” should I really hold on to?

I’m tired of living in darkness. In silence.

I’m ready to move out into the light.

But, is it too late for me?


2 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. Wow. What an incredible poem. It’s quite stirring.

    Thank you for being real and transparent. It helps remind me to do much the same.

    I cannot wait to take the journey with you as I read your blog and get to know you and your story.

    And, alas, it is never too late! The light always beckons. It may be dim at times, but it is always there. We just need to trust and take another step forward.

    I glanced through your other blog posts and will read them more. But, what a story you have! Tough at times, I am sure, but you sound as though you are an overcomer and can conquer your way through most anything. Why do I say that? You are journaling and telling your story!

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