Nature and The Human Spirit


wet and salty they

hold my sorrows and mem’ries

’till we meet on that white shore

There’s something therapeutic about standing on a beach as you listen to the sounds of the waves hitting the sandy shore, sniff at the salty ocean mists as they permeate your skin and nostrils, and feel the warm sun-kissed breeze as it sweeps through your hair.

What is it about being outside with nature that makes you feel truly alive? Could it be  because nature allows you to be more in tune with your senses?

Your thoughts and emotions?

Nature is pure and raw.

So is the human spirit.

Yet man seeks to destroy it


Why do people crave technology and materials? These do not make us truly happy or fulfilled.

Somehow as a specie we’ve lost our way. Ourselves.

Our human spirit.

The result? What a mess this world has become.   So full of turmoil and destruction.

I believe in harmony and balance.

I believe that nature does as well. and I believe that this is what people are seeking only they are looking in all the wrong places.

Here I am.  I have a house in a growing suburbs near a large and flourishing city. I’m surrounded by technology and materials of all kinds; yet, I’m unhappy and troubled. There are people all around me, and yet I feel alone.

Somewhere, some how, I’ve lost myself.    I need to find my spirit again.

I believe nature is where I’ll find it.


2 thoughts on “Nature and The Human Spirit

  1. Beautiful and gut-wrenching (In a wonderful way).

    We have lost our way–and ourselves.

    You’re not kidding about how people look in all the wrong places.

    I believe through journaling about your contact and connection with nature, you will undoubtedly find yourself.

    What a raw journaling entry. Very authentic. I cannot wait to read more.

    This wrenches my gut in that I know how far off the path we have become in this world. It’s troubling… And, how I can stray off the path myself. That’s where journaling comes in and it helps me to find my way and myself again. It’s my place of solitude and answers–as I find peace.

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