My Daddy

Dad and Mom

My world feels a lot emptier today.  My daddy passed away on September 26th after an agonizing battle with lung disease.  He was 67 years young.  He was by no means ready to go.  He fought it right ’till the very end.  He was suffering so and it was a difficult decision to make along with my mom and two siblings to let him go.  I’ve never been with anyone dying as they lay in the hospital bed and it’s not anything I care to repeat.  But as difficult as it was, I was grateful to have been there with my mom and siblings as we surrounded my dad while he took his last breaths on this earth.

He’s no longer suffering and that’s good enough for me.


I love you daddy.  Rest in peace.




2 thoughts on “My Daddy

  1. I was very affected by my father’s suffering and death two years ago. My heart goes out to you, Carrie. I feel him with me wherever I go and sing to him every day. Writing what you did – is a beautiful way to express those feelings that threaten to overwhelm us if pushed down. Keep sharing.

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