A New Journey Begins

It’s been far too long since I last journaled. Well over a year, in fact.  My life has taken a slightly different path since then.  A path that took me from North Carolina all the way out to North Dakota.


I left the work force permanently in January.  My vision just too poor to continue working.  Soon afterwards I began sorting and packing the house I’d called home for nearly thirteen years.  Hubby attained a federal job in North Dakota and left in February to begin while leaving me and our son back in North Carolina until we could sell our house.

That finally took place in May.

Jay found a farmstead north of Grand Forks, but couldn’t close on it until late June.  So, we stayed in a two-bedroom apartment with seven cats (with no internet or cable), for the next six weeks.

It was probably the longest weeks of my life.  My son did very well.  He spent much of his time reading and playing outside.  Something he rarely did back in North Carolina.

Finally, the closing day came.  The next chapter of our life could begin.


Summer was a bit of a whirlwind.  Filled with repairs, painting, mowing, and unpacking.   All kept me busy.

Now, things have slowed considerably.  Now, I have more time to reflect and think.  Not always the best things for me.

But, our little family is settled.  Mostly.  Still have more unpacking, but I’ve been feeling quite unmotivated.  Winters tend to be long up here so I think I’ll put that part off a little bit longer.  Now, I need to focus on  Christmas.

Need to keep myself busy.  My mind from wandering too much or too far.



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