What inspire me to get up each and every morning?  Or, inspire me to pick up a pen and write a story?  What gives me inspiration when life’s path grows dark and aimless?

Curiosity.  I’ve always been curious at what’s around the next bend, or over the next hill.  If I stop now, I will never know what’s really there, waiting for me.

Fear.  Fear of what exactly?  Many things.  Of being mediocre; of letting people or myself down; of the darkness (both literally and figuratively); fear of failing, or never realizing my true purpose of being here.

Family.  They give me hope, strength and the love to want to get up each and every day.

Passion. Writing.  Connecting with others.  Helping those who I can by using my passion in writing.

Faith.  I believe in God, but there was a time when I lost that belief amidst the dark times; but He never stopped believing in me, no matter how much I resisted Him.  I always had this inner voice, or feeling, or what have you, that there’s something much bigger than me or any of my struggles and pains.  If I just hang on to that belief, that faith, the light will eventually shine through the darkness.

What about you?  What inspires you?



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