Bucket List of Questions

bucket list

Many of us, including myself, have unanswered questions.  Questions such as “why am I really here?” or “why am I the way that I am?”   What if you can find answers to some of them?

Somehow that thought seems a bit unnerving to me.  Perhaps there are some questions that should remain unanswered.  Or, just perhaps, you really don’t want an answer to it after all.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you could use questions like a bucket list, could or would you do it?

I’ve decided that I’m going to go for it.


Here are some of my questions that I’m going to try and find answers to:

  1. Can I learn to control my anxiety/anger issues without relying on medicines?
  2. Will I go completely blind?
  3. Am I brave enough to get involved in the local creative community?
  4. Can I learn/relearn skills that would enable me to become more independent?
  5. Will I be able-bodied enough to take care of our son and the farmstead if my husband takes a job in Alaska for a year or two?
  6. Is it too late for me to rekindle a meaningful relationship with God?
  7. Is it too late for me to get back into running and competing again (as I’m quickly approaching my mid-40s)?
  8. Will I ever realize any of my writing dreams?

I’m not going to set any deadline for this list, but hope to be able to find answers to some, if not, most within two to five years.

Sounds reasonable enough?

What about you?  Do you have questions that you hope to find answers to?






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