Feeling A Bit Selfish


Christmas was a bit different for us this year.  Even my 12-year old son mentioned how it didn’t feel like Christmas even though there was nearly two feet of snow blanketing the ground outside.

His first real white Christmas.


I have to admit-I felt the same way.

Everything is new.  New house. New state.  New everything. Naturally, we would feel a bit out of sorts.  But, this was also our first without family as they’re all back east.  So, yeah, it was also quiet…and lonely.


We’re on month five in our new home.  Granted, it’s going to take some time to adjust to our new life; but, it is difficult.  I’m also still adjusting to not working full-time even though it’s been nearly a year since I left the work force.   I have no set schedule.  I’m mostly cooped up in the house; and all I basically do is clean and cook.


I feel that I’m too young to just give in to a life of ho-hum, and give up on my dreams.  I mean, I still have them but with no means to carry them out.

Or, so I keep telling myself.

Am I being selfish for feeling this way?




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