To Live Again

misty valley

Is there anything I would change about today or tomorrow?

You bet.

I’m sure everyone feels that if they have the power to change certain aspect of their lives, they would.

Would they, really???

Would I???

Having that kind of power would almost be frightening.  Okay, let’s  play this game.  So, what would I change?

My comfort level to getting out of the house on my own would be one.  I do have access to public transportation in the county I reside in which means I actually can get out of the house when I need to.  But…my anxiety keeps me confined to the house because of my inability to see well enough to get around on my own without assistance.

How to change this?   By learning how to use a walking cane.   With  this simple device, I can regain my independence; not to mention, my sanity.

It would also take tremendous pressure off my husband.

With a walking cane,  it may make me feel less anxious about leaving the comfort and safety of my house, and to venture out in to the world like I used to do.

I missed those days.  Of being care free, and without anxiety.

What happened to me?  How did I become so pathetic over the years?  How did I allow my blindness dictate my life?

If I could change anything, it would be to take back my life, and live again.





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