Giving Thanks



Thanksgiving is almost here…already.  Nearly forgot the turkey which we picked up last night.  Thawed.  It’s been a challenging year (aren’t they all?).  Our first full year here in North Dakota.

And another one without Daddy.

These are the times when I miss him the most.  He loved the holidays.  Family gatherings and of course, the food.

Life hasn’t been quite the same since his passing back in September of 2014.

You never know what you truly have ’till it’s gone.

I’m no stranger to losses.  Each one I experience, it never gets easier.

Time doesn’t always heal.

But, being thankful and grateful for what you do still have…these I focus on.  It helps me get through each and every day.

We had a very close call a week ago today.

Hubby was on his way to work early in the morn when a very large coyote darted across the road and rammed into the side of the vehicle sending him in to the ditch nearby.   He thought all was fine when he began to smell smoke.  The gas line must have been ruptured by the impact, and coupled with the cattails driven into the hot exhaust, a fire started and spread quickly.  He couldn’t get out of the driver’s door.  The passenger’s door wouldn’t open either.  He used his body and smashed in to the door, forcing it opened just enough to squeeze his 260-lb frame through.  It wasn’t 30 seconds later when the fire reached the gas tank and the car blew.

He’s fine, just bruised.

Thanks goodness.

So, this Thanksgiving we are thanking the good Lord for watching over him, and protecting him.

I”m sure my Daddy was there as his guardian angel as well.

At least, that’s what I like to think.





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