Table of Content

Whispering Shadows (Book One)


Silence (Part One)

Silence (Part Two)

Passing of a Life

The Pains of Death


Nature and The Human Spirit

An Eccentric Outsider


A Heart In Hiding

Back to the Surface

Siblings: Can’t Imagine Life Without Them

The Warrior’s Code

The Door


The Matriarch

Is It Possible?

A Dear Journal Prayer

The Darkness Begins

The Darkness Continues

Searching For Happiness

Letting Go

Marriage and Family Challenges (Part One)

A New Journey Begins


Longings of the Heart

Bucket List of Questions

Feeling A Bit Selfish

A Soul in Prison

To Live Again

Searching For An Identity

Tired of Being a Recluse

Baby Steps for the Recluse

Darkness Abound

Masks and Sadness

Fighting the Darkness

Dusk (arrival at the School for the Blind)

The Dawning (Day One) Part One

It Would Have Been…

  (“Book” Two)

For this section, I plan to use pictures and one-liners to explore various human conditions and personal experiences.   You can follow all by selecting One-Liner Friday or Wordless Wednesday in the Categories section.

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